- Friday 18 August 2017

Kopenhagen (Copenhagen), famous as a majestic capital of Denmark, is located on the islands of Zealand and Amager with millions of inhabitants. It is the oldest and one of the most astonishing capitals in Northern Europe.

Kopenhagen Weather

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Kopenhagen Activities

Copenhagen is encircled by many beaches, where tourists can spend an entire day soaking in the sun and playing beach games. These miles of white sand and grassy dunes are some of the cleanest in Europe and offer lots of fun-filled and entertaining activities such as water sports like water-skiing and wind-surfing. Sailing a kayak is one of the favorite sports of the Danish people.
Parks & Zoos
Many big and small amusement parks supplement the city with greenery as well as provide visitors a perfect place for a picnic and family get together. A walk in the parks of the city is a nice break from the busy travel. King's Garden and the garden of Rosenberg Castle are mostly visited in Copenhagen for this.