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Copenhagen is encircled by many beaches, where tourists can spend an entire day soaking in the sun and playing beach games. These miles of white sand and grassy dunes are some of the cleanest in Europe and offer lots of fun-filled and entertaining activities such as water sports like water-skiing and wind-surfing. Sailing a kayak is one of the favorite sports of the Danish people. A trip in a one-man kayak or a boat on rent is a great idea to sail in the nearby surrounding lakes that give an entirely unusual perspective of the city.

Parks & Zoos

Many big and small amusement parks supplement the city with greenery as well as provide visitors a perfect place for a picnic and family get-together. A walk in the parks of the city is a nice break from the busy travel. King's Garden and the garden of Rosenberg Castle are mostly visited in Copenhagen for this.

‘Dyrehavsbakken’, also known as Bakken, which is situated in the north of Copenhagen pulls crowd with its surrounding woods, grazing deer, merry-go-rounds, roller coaster, and comic characters. Many restaurants, live music, and large draught beers are also offered here.

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‘Faelledparken’ (PARKEN), the largest park in Copenhagen is famous for a variety of sports. It hosts many annual events like a free opera concert at the opening of the opera season, open-air concerts, annual carnival with samba, salsa, Labour Day celebrations, and ‘Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix’ which is a race of antique cars. Besides this, people enjoy dance and music during the summers and also visit the place for jogging and sunbathing.

Tivoli gardens offer the best amusement activities which are a place of attraction with numerous activities that include Pantomime theatre, brand new thrilling rides, rock concerts, classical music, ballet, and international performances at the Tivoli Concert Hall.

Copenhagen Zoo at Frederiksberg exhibits wild animals which are children’s center of attraction.

Jogging Tours

Jogging tours combined with sightseeing is a unique experience that gives you a diverse vision of Copenhagen city. It becomes an altogether exciting and adventurous task where one can get a glimpse of the beautiful buildings and various quarters of the inner city, or can get a sense of the ambiance with a sparkling outlook of the city.