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Copenhagen (Kopenhagen) is well-known as the City of Festivals in northern Europe. Plenty of festivals are held during the year, ranging from pop and jazz to film, ballet, design, and the visual arts. Internationally acknowledged for its high cultural standards, Copenhagen festivals are the real crowd-pullers involving big stars.


Carnivals are typical in Copenhagen every year, where nearly 120 bands, 2000 dancers, and millions of spectators participate and enjoy a lot.

Roskilde Festival

It is a music festival held every year in Copenhagen, where lakhs of people gather to become a part of the largest rock music festivals in Europe. It is generally a big gathering with a party where people come together, eat, drink, shop, and massage and etch tattoos over their body parts.

Film Festival

The international feature film festival takes place in mid-April. The documentary film festival takes place around November every year, where films are screened along with a wide variety of events, concerts, and exhibitions across the city.

Jazz Festival

It is an annual event that happens probably in the mid of the year throughout the city. It includes active participation of streets, squares, parks, and cafes; international jazz musicians based in the city, international artists, and the local talent performs the task of entertaining the crowd. Vinter Jazz is among that.


CPH: PIX attracts the experienced teams from the city’s long-running film festivals, the NatFilm Festival, and the Copenhagen International Film Festival, which are now combined.


Copenhagen International Documentary Festival has become one of Europe’s most significant international documentary film festivals. Its emphasis is to break away from the mainstream and present what’s latest & ground-breaking and is based on a diverse international and cross-cultural collaboration. Many activities like seminars, sessions, lectures, debates, happenings, music, and club events are involved.

Copenhagen Distortion

A celebration of Copenhagen nightlife is the major annual nightlife event of the year with a massive party that celebrates urban landscapes, mobility, improvisation, late-night chaos, nightlife cliches, fashion, hype, community networks, and music.

Opera Concert

Royal Opera soloists, choir, and orchestra are performed every year at an opera concert that is immeasurably admired by millions of spectators.
Copenhagen International Ballet

Copenhagen International Ballet festival displays various forms of choreography and new forms of expression performed by dancers and choreographers that present their talent here from all over the world.

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Europe’s one of the biggest fashion fairs that offer a wide range of customer-related events generally occurs in the first half of the year. It exhibits fashion shows, parties, competitions, fashion lounges, and many exciting activities that provide a unique platform for established and upcoming designers. It displays exhibitors’ ideas focusing on specific segments and presents present-day fashion and creations of up-and-coming designers, a platform for the international fashion fraternity.

Copenhagen Cooking Festival

An annual week-long Nordic Food and Drink Festival that offers delightful cuisine is welcome to everyone. It takes place in restaurants, Tivoli Gardens, and public spaces across the centre of Copenhagen.