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Copenhagen (Kopenhagen) is the capital and most populous city of Denmark. It is located on the islands of Zealand and Amager. The city is considered the biggest metropolis in Scandinavia and has the largest airport in Denmark. Copenhagen is also a centre of culture, arts, business, media, and science in Denmark, with many fantastic tourist destinations and amusement activities.

Availability of plenty of water as a natural harbour, rich fishing grounds (with a history of Vikings), inclusive use of bicycle path makes it a scintillating capital of the Danish Empire.

The city is connected to Sweden by Öresund or Øresund Bridge. It is a combined railway and motorway bridge across the Øresund strait between Sweden and Denmark. It is the longest combined road and rail bridge in Europe.

The port of Copenhagen and Malmo were merged in 2001 to form a single legal entity called Copenhagen Malmo Port, which is equally owned by both the ports. It’s a Swedish registered limited liability company that operates the port.

Denmark has a population of 5.3million people, out of which 7% is of foreign origin. Nearly 1.7million people live in the Greater Copenhagen Area. Oresund Region has got a total population of 2.8million.

Copenhagen city is swamped with many historic churches which are open to the visitors for Holy Communion. Christianity was adopted by the Danish people almost a thousand years ago. Almost 85% of Danish people are Protestants who are also members of the National Church of Denmark.

CityCopenhagen (Native name-København)
Area179.8 km2 (69.4 sq.mi.)
Population (2021)799,033
Time ZoneUTC+1
CurrencyDanish Krone written as - kr. or DKK or Dkr
LanguageDanish (official language), English, German, French